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Parata PASS offers consistently higher accuracy than manual processes in dispensing. PASS Pack significantly reduces the opportunities for medication administration errors.

Safer dispensing.

Parata PASS uses barcode scanning during replenishment to ensure the right drug goes into the right canister. PASS selects the correct canister, with accurate drug and strength, as pills are dispensed into PASS Pack strip packaging, when the pharmacy follows proper processes.

Safer verification.

Check PASS is an automated visual inspection system that expedites checking, verifies the contents of PASS Pack to confirm the expected quantity and pill size, and flags exceptions for pharmacist review.

Safer med-pass.

In long-term care settings, PASS Pack ensures accuracy for drug, strength and dose. Interruptions and punch cards lose their potential to harm patients, as meds are prepackaged, verified and ready for administration. Our barcode technology on the strip package offers increased accuracy with an eMAR.

Safer independent living.

For retail use, seniors and others who frequently take medications never have to wonder if they took their last dose. They can simply check their PASS Pack. Better adherence prevents worsening of disease and unnecessary health risks, especially for patients with chronic illness.

Safety First

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