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Smarter, Simpler Medication Management

With Parata PASS (Patient Adherence Strip System), you make it easy for patients to take the right medications at the right time, every time.

Prescriptions, over-the-counter medications and vitamins can be packaged together, organized by day and time of dose in clear, plastic packets.

It’s the easiest packaging option available.

For your retail patients, PASS Pack eliminates Ziploc bags full of vials and pesky pill boxes and helps you:

  • Gain a competitive edge to secure your most valuable base of customers – the 10 percent that take five or more meds a day

  • Increase your revenue by picking up scripts your patients fill at other pharmacies

  • Add convenience and value for your customers

  • Improve adherence and patient outcomes


For your long-term care and skilled nursing customers, PASS replaces blister and bingo cards and allows you to:


  • Dispense in cycles ranging from 30 days to 24 hours

  • Ease short-cycle compliance and reduce med waste

  • Manage med changes with agility and speed

  • Improve adherence and patient outcomes for lower hospital readmissions


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