What You Should Know About Long-Term Medication for Chronic Conditions

What You Should Know About Long-Term Medication for Chronic Conditions

Long-term medication for chronic conditions can be very burdensome and inconvenient to the family. Whether it is a disease, disorder, illness, or condition, it needs a long-term plan since it is going to be a lifetime endeavor.

However, a person with a chronic condition has a unique range of necessities. An individual’s experience with a chronic condition is different to other people who have a similar condition. This is why they need to have a strong healthcare foundation.

MaxCare Pharmacy, a dependable source of Pill Pack in New Port Richey, FL, encourages you to take charge in managing your condition. Challenge yourself to achieve optimum health even if it takes years to recover.

You can start by developing your own healthcare team. A primary care doctor, a specialist, an in-home caregiver, your family, your friends, and you are the members of your healthcare team. Each is a vital component to help you achieve optimum health.

A primary care doctor oversees the recovery plan. You should try to avoid having too many doctors and pharmacies (known as “polypharmacy”) when it comes to your medication and treatment. Each may prescribe a certain medication that might have ingredients already part of another medication prescribed by another doctor. The effects may either intensify or reduce.

Your in-home caregiver can be of great help at home for you to be able to focus on recuperating. Your family and friends are your support networks especially in case of emergencies. But most importantly, you know your body more than anyone else does. You can be a help in monitoring your own health by listing down the changes that you feel and the symptoms that you’ve been experiencing. It is important that you continue to check your pulse every now and then to monitor any heart rhythm problem.

It would be best that you understand your prescriptions well. You are taking charge of yourself and your loved ones’ health once you get to know your medications or their medications, especially if they are mentally or physically challenged to do so.

Speaking of medications, side effects often occur after 2-3 days of taking them. Talk to your doctor or compounding pharmacy on how you and your loved ones can avoid such negative effects.

Chronic conditions greatly affect the elderly. Seniors are known to take about 18 prescriptions a year; on top of that, they are already struggling with age-related conditions that might get them in trouble especially in managing their medications.

Hire a caregiver or any healthcare professional of your choice. Experts advise that you maintain a single doctor and a single pharmacy for your medications. Your pharmacist would be able to monitor your tolerance towards the medication and its efficacy in your body.

For more information and assistance, call MaxCare Pharmacy today.


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