Compounding Medications

Compounding Medications in New Port Richey FL

pharmacist compoundingMaxCare Pharmacy, a well-respected source for services like Pill Pack in New Port Richey FL, is here to assist you with all of your compounding needs. For more information as to what this service entails, please keep on reading the information below:

  • How does compounding work?
    Essentially, compounding is the science of creating modifiedmedications best suited to the needs of the patient. Compounded medications are basically created by mixing differentingredients according to your exact dosage needs and tastes.
  • What benefits does compounding bring?

    Compounding medications brings about many benefits, some of which include:

    • Making medications that are specifically customized to suit your unique requirements and needs.
    • Making commercially unavailable medications, available once again for you.
    • Preventing an allergic reaction. With compounding, our knowledgeable pharmacists can remove or replace ingredients that you are allergic to, and replace it with a suitable equivalent.
    • Changing the form of your medication. If for example, you or your loved one can’t swallow a capsule; our compounding service can change its form into a cream base or a liquid solution. We can do turn liquid solutions to solid or cream solutions, and vice versa.
    • Making your medication taste better. With our compounding service, we can make your medications taste better by adding flavors that suits your tastes. This is particularly helpful for children who refuse to drink their medications due to its taste.
  • Are there different types of compounding?

    Yes, there are indeed different types of compounding and our knowledgeable pharmacists at MaxCare Pharmacy are well-versed in all of them. The different types of compounding include:

    • Pediatric compounding. For children refusing to drink their medication due to its taste; or for medications prescribed but are not in a kid-friendly form (e.g. large capsules or tablets) – this is where pediatric compounding comes in. Pediatric compounding allows us to entirelymodify your child’s prescription to make sure that it suits their tastes and to guarantee that they have no difficulties swallowing it. We can add different flavors and we can change its form into lollipops, gummies, troches, oral liquids, lozenges, and so much more.
    • Geriatric compounding. A compounding service for the other end of the age spectrum – the geriatrics, also exists with geriatric compounding. This is also quite similar to pediatric compounding in such a way that dosing concerns in children, typically occurs for the elderly as well. For exampleas one ages, it becomes more difficult to swallow capsules and tablets due to dry mouth. Additionally, most geriatric patients also need to take medications in lower dosages compared to what is normally needed for an average-age adult. Geriatric compounding solutions may also come in different forms including ointments, injections, rapid dissolving tablets, suppositories, liquids, and so much more.
    • Pain management compounding. There are countless of people who chronically live in pain. While there are pain relief medications and narcotics out in the market today, these drugs can also bring considerable side effects – side effects that can be a great cause for concern. However, with the advancements made in pharmaceutical compounding, patients living in chronic pain can now receive medication that is uniquely modified for their exact needs. Furthermore, these pain medications may also come in different forms including sprays, creams, ointments, capsules, gels, and may others.
    • Dermatology compounding. Finding the right solutions for your skin concern can be quite challenging sometimes. For those suffering from acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea; or even those suffering from cosmetic concerns like wrinkles and fine lines –dermatology compounding is here for you! With dermatology compounding, skin medications can be tailor-made according to your skin type; skin concern; and several other factors as well. Furthermore, with dermatology compounding, we can remove unwanted side effects like dry, irritated, peeling, red, and thinning skin typically brought on by commercial skin care products out in the market. Dermatology compounding can create skin solutions in different forms as well including ointments, sprays, shampoos, topical powders, gels, and many more.
    • Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) compounding. Hormones play a vital part in one’s overall health. However, the fact is that we one grows older, hormone levels can fluctuate and it can either increase or decrease. These changes in your hormone levels may lead to different symptoms like mood changes, weight loss/gain, hair loss, and some other changes as well. With HRT compounding, appropriate medications can be entirely tailor-made basing on the patient’s health concerns, hormone levels, and symptoms. Some common HRT compounding solutions include capsules,creams, dissolving tablets, drops, injections, gels, lozenges,and suppositories.
    • Veterinary compounding. Compounding services aren’t just for human patients – they are available for veterinary needs as well! After all, some human medications are not good, and can be downright life-threatening, to animals. With veterinary compounding, pet-friendly and appropriate medications can be tailor-made for your furry friends. Some popular compounding solutions for pets include capsules, creams, chewable treats, gels, oral liquids, ointments, and powders.

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