Getting Smart with Hospital Discharge Programs

Getting Smart with Hospital Discharge Programs

Going in and out of the hospital can be stressful for both patients and their respective families. There are some situations wherein they have to be readmitted because prevalent symptoms of their disease are reappearing. Some patients who have undergone surgery may also have to go through therapies to fully recover from their injury.

At MaxCare Pharmacy, a trusted maker of Pill Pack in New Port Richey, FL, we highly recommend joining hospital discharge programs. When you have a caregiver who can provide continuous aid to you on your way to recovery, it can help prevent readmission to the hospital. Moreover, we also encourage the use of a discharge plan in order for you to have an organized care for yourself and your loved ones.

Who needs a hospital discharge plan?

Discharge from the hospital pertains to the official direction of the doctor that patients may leave the hospital and can either return home or receive continuous medication through nursing facilities or rehabilitation centers. Hence, if the doctor advised any of these two, they can also suggest the hiring of home care plans or any medication programs to ensure they receive adequate medical attention.

The patients who would need a hospital discharge plan are the senior patients whose conditions need to be monitored every now and then. Patients who have also undergone major surgeries may also need a unique medication program that requires attention on wound care and rehabilitation.

The purpose of a discharge plan is for them to get similar service as if they were staying in the hospital. They will have someone who will check their vital signs, give them their medication, and monitor their condition.

What are the different services that you need to consider?

At MaxCare Pharmacy, we have special program patients. We design our discharge programs depending on their needs and the gravity of their condition. Some of our approaches include:

1. Medication planning

It is important that the caregiver or the skilled nurse you will be hiring to provide discharge care to your patient must have a thorough understanding of the patients’ condition. Hence, we have a bridging program that enables clinicians to check the prescriptions and the care plan thoroughly.

2. Counseling

If there is something that newly discharged patients need, that would be a listening ear. They want to talk to people who will understand their condition and give them direction on how to cope with such emotional stress and learn how to be positive in everything.

If you know someone who would need a hospital discharge program, let our on-site pharmacists help you with that. They are knowledgeable and they are equipped with the right training they need to give you competent services.

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