Five Helpful Tips to Manage your Elderly Loved One’s Medications

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People take medicines for various reasons. And those taking multiple medications may find it hard to take the right medications at the right times. Failing to manage medications properly can have undesirable consequences including drug interactions and exacerbation of the disease the medication is prescribed for.

Generally, it is the senior population that takes multiple medications and their declining mismanagement of their medications can make their conditions worse. It is then imperative for older adults to take their prescribed medications as directed by their doctors to stay healthy and avoid hospitalization. Below are some medication management tips that can truly help:

Set Reminders

Forgetting to take the medicines as prescribed can impact the way the body functions. An alarm can be set as a reminder. Or you can ask a family member to remind your loved one if you can’t do it yourself. Also, a reminder system is important to monitor your loved one’s prescription refill dates.

Use Organizers

Containers organized by the day of the week are available in the market. Labeling the days of week lets you place the medicines to be taken every day in one container. This reduces the tendency of your loved one forgetting to take his/her medicines. Also, MaxCare Pharmacy offers Pill Pack in New Port Richey, FL where all medications and vitamins can be packed together and organized by day and time of dose in clear, plastic packets.

Schedule Doctor Appointments

Because of the constant change in healthcare needs, your elderly loved one’s symptoms may have changed and his/her current medication may no longer work for him/her. Seniors need to see their physicians frequently to address any problems they may have and keep their medications current. Whenever your loved one visits his/her doctor, ensure he/she brings his/her list of medications and the supplements he/she may be taking. Being able to provide more information to his/her healthcare provider allows the latter to more accurately determine any possible drug interactions or adverse effects.

Order the Medicines from the Same Pharmacy

Using the same pharmacy enables the pharmacist to monitor the medications as well as eliminate possible side effects and interactions. Also, picking up medicines in one trip saves you both effort and time. If you get your loved one’s prescriptions from us, we will deliver them right on your doorstep for free.

Store Medications Properly

It is important to carefully read labels to make sure that you store the drugs in the right place. Although a lot of people store drugs in their bathroom, this may not be the right place for storage. This part of the house can be damp and warm and cause medicines to break down quickly. Also, a number of medications must be stored in the fridge.

For more tips on how to properly manage your medications or your loved one’s, talk to our pharmacists. Call us at 727-807-7050 today!


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