4 Easy Tips for Effective Medication Management


Medications need to be taken accordingly in order for its benefits to take effect, which is mainly to help your health recover. If not taken properly, it may not help you on your health recovery and at worst case, it can even cause further health complications. To avoid such circumstance, it would be best to take medicines according to how your doctor instructs you.

Here are 4 tips you can follow to achieve effective medication management:

  • Take note of the instructions – did your doctor tell you to take the medicine three times a day? Two times? Every 6 hours? Or take it exactly at a certain time? Whatever your doctor instructed you regarding your medication, you need to follow them accordingly. To ensure you don’t forget about the instructions, you can write them down on a piece of paper and post it where your medicine cabinet is. You can also write them down on your medicine’s bottle.
  • Set an alarm – if your doctor tells you to take the medicine at exactly 1:00 PM, then you need to do it accordingly in order for your medication to be effective. But, we cannot deny the fact that we sometimes forget about the time and even forget to take our medicines. This can affect our medication routine and its efficacy. To avoid missing dosages or taking late dosage, you can conveniently set an alarm using your mobile phone, alarm clock, or any other object that can remind you about when you should take your medicines.
  • Monitor supplies – if you’re taking medication for maintenance or long-term medication, then, it is highly important for you to monitor your medicine supplies regularly. This is for you to avoid missing dosages, which may affect your health and recovery. Every time you take your medicine, make sure to check if you still got lots of supplies or you’re running out already. You can also take advantage of MaxCare Pharmacy’s Refill Rx and free home delivery.
  • Organize medicines – if you are taking more than one medication, then you need to organize them properly in order to avoid confusion. In your medicine cabinet, you can label every section with its appropriate group such as medicine for diabetes, for blood pressure, vitamins and supplements, and others. This will help you in finding your medicines conveniently.

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