3 Primary Benefits of Compounding Medication


We believe that everyone is unique. We also have our unique needs and tastes. The same thing happens when it comes to medications. Not everyone can enjoy the perks of certain medicines due to certain factors such as allergic reactions to certain medicine components, difficulty in swallowing, taste issues, and others. This is where the importance of compounding medication comes in.

Compounding is the science of creating modified medications best suited to the needs of the patient. Compounded medications are basically created by mixing different ingredients according to your exact dosage needs and tastes.” (Read more at http://www.maxcare-pharmacy.com/pharmacy-compounding-medications)

Here are the 3 primary benefits of compounding medication:

  • Safe – people who are sensitive to medication components can surely benefit from compounding as it can create safer medicines through modifying its components or ingredients. This means that compounding medication can get rid or add certain ingredients to a medicine and it can even minimize or maximize its dosage depending on the patient’s needs. But of course, it should be with the physician’s consent or advice.
  • Convenient – some people, especially kids, ill, and elderly, find it hard to take medicines in tablet form. But with compounding, it will never be a problem anymore. Compounding can conveniently create medicines in different types such as caplet, suppository, candy, lollipop, lotion, syrup, and others, while still maintaining or even boosting its efficacy.
  • Fun for kids and everyone – compounding can also make medication time for kids become fun and stress-free. Why? Because compounding can create medicines in different flavors in order to get rid of its usual bitter taste, which kids generally hate. You can ask your child which flavor she wants and the compounding pharmacist can conveniently add that certain flavor into her medicine.

Medication Management Tip:
To experience better medication management, you can take advantage of pill packs.Through using pill packs, you can easily track your medicines, avoid missing dosages or overdosing, achieve convenient packaging while on trip, and experience a lot more benefits.

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MaxCare Pharmacy is here to help everyone experience safe, convenient, and fun medication time through our Compounding Medication and other services such as Medication Therapy Management, Pill Packaging and other pharmaceutical services which intend to make people’s lives better and healthier.

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